Zero Base Budgets

“Zero Based Budgeting is the new Black ” in my life! If you have not heard of this concept let me be the first to tell you Google it, You Tube, and live it. This concept has taken me a decade to try, years to perfect, and a day to appreciate. My life has changed in this instant.

I hope it last for ever…incase it does not I am grateful for today!

——————-Financial Game Changer Alert——————————

Today I realized why so many people are crazy about this budgeting style. I have never been a fan. Zero Based Budgeting was to restrictive for my taste. I wanted to do things my own way. Does this sound like you? Because this was totally me. Today I am sold on this process and urge you to step out our your comfort zone and try something that will change your financial life! People when I tell you that this works it works. I love everything and I feel there is never enough. I know this is not the best way to be ;however, this is me. I cannot change in a day. I am a work in progress and everyday I learn and I grow and I evolve. Today I definitely had a break through and wanted to share.

What is zero based budget? When you  make your income and your expenses equal zero hence “zero based budgeting”.


1.Every dollar that gets deposited to your Bank account has an assigned budget task and stay with zero dollars in that account.

2. You get your check you cash it and you place every dollar in an assigned category till all your money is spent.

3. “You tell every dollar where to go “as Dave Ramsey says.

Book Recommendation:


Why does this work method truly work? You have a Plan for every dollar. This seems like such a simple concept and it is once you remove you preconceived notions on money. I tried zero based budgeting this week and it is definitely the new black in my life! Hope it changes your life as much as mine!


With love in your heart everything is possible.












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