Cake Pop Google is officially a hobby


Cake Pop Google is Officially a Hobby

If you are anything like me you spend countless hours perusing the Web for awesome Cake Pop ideas.
Am I alone on this? <—- insert bird chirping
Am I the only person who does this for fun?
Is this normal? I hope I am not alone on this.
My Boo (husband) thinks it is just insane to find enjoyment being on my IPad, iPhone, iMac, laptop, or desktop Google Cake Pop ideas all the time. Well,I had an epiphany and decided to write a Blog about it!
As if my Boo did not think that I was "BONKERS".

Wait for it…I just had to Google this idea that came to me(SMH).
Okay my idea is Original “Yeah go me- go me”! December 10, 2014.
I am declaring “Cake Pop Google” an Official Hobby!!!

Yes, everyone remember where you heard the phrase first. “Say it loud say it proud” fist up in the air simultaneously “The Cake Pop Google Club “ is born.
Who is in? Join my Club “The Cake Pop Google Club “we can all be weird Cake Pop Google together.
How exciting! The next time someone asks you “what are you doing online looking at cake pops again” you can refer them here to my little blog. We will let them know it is part of your member duties.

Thank you for taking time from your day to read my post =)

Have an amazing day and "Keep It Cake Popping"!

Awesome Quote from Pinterest User. You can check them out via my Pinterest Page.


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