Friday the 13th

Week 6 in 2015.

What have you accomplished this year so far?


The New Year hype is fading are you growing weary?

Are you over  the 52 week Money Challenge?

Do you find it to be overrated now?

Have you fallen into old patterns?

Last year did you save for the holidays and have an extra $1300 for the holidays?

Keep it Cake Popping
Keep it Cake Popping

Do you remember how you felt at Thanksgiving last year? Christmas was less than a month away how did you feel?

Tapping into your  feelings is the key to finishing this challenge!  You don’t have to stress this year!

Follow the plan and win!

Saving a couple bucks a week is easy being broke is hard.

Make your choice.


Did you worry about how you were going to pay for all the things you needed to buy? Holiday Party wardrobe, host gifts, gift exchange, teacher gifts, tips, travel, family gifts, and holiday events.

Did you stress about buying new decorations for the house?

Did you take your credit card out pay for it and say “I will worry about that later” , I can pay it back with my next couple of checks ” it’s not that serious” ?

Debt is Deppressing

Did you wish you would of saved for Christmas like you say your going too and never do?

Inside An Distribution Center On Cyber Monday

I am offering you an olive branch a way to relieve yourself from that terrible feeling that comes with the holidays.

A plan that will bring the Magic back to your holidays as when you were a child with no worries.

I love the holidays and being able to gift my family and friends and not worry about it in January.

The new year should be filled with excitement and hope! Not left over bills for things we could not afford to give!

If you currently don’t have an extra $1300.00 lying around for you to do what you please, to spend how you like, blow on a new bag, shoes, vacation, makeup, car, shoes, or holiday gifts this 52-Week Money Challenge is for you!!!!!!!


Even if you have the Money why not have more!

This challenge is for someone who wants the Magic back in the holidays!

Make a change this year you deserve peace of mind this holiday!


Lets be friends on Instagram-Twitter-Facebook come motivate us!


Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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