Broke down, but not broken or Broke


I get in my car on my way to pick up my princess from school and all is well. I have my music pumping my lipgloss is popping. 🚗👄💄


I am sitting at a red light and hear this loud noise and I glance at the truck next to me and say to myself “wow that car is so loud he needs to check that”!


I keep on trucking along in afternoon traffic at another light again I hear the noise I say to myself again “people need to have maintenance done on their car this is just crazy there going to get left on the side of the road” and shake my head in discontent. I pull up to pick my daughter up she says “mom what is that noise” I am like what is what noise?


She says mom ” the car “I say “what car” she says “our car ” I am like “not our car we just out car maintenance done almost a month ago and she is brand new” brush it off. We pick up my mother whom I love to death and has no filter.

My mom gets in the car and says to me “what’s wrong with the car what is that noise in disgust” looking at me like I’m about to take her on the Costa Concordia . I am offended now ! I turn the music off and get off the car and I do hear the noise “what is it” I say?


She says “didn’t you just get the car from the shop”! Yes there shouldn’t be anything wrong! I say  “maybe when the car was in the shop they must’ve left something loose in there” ? I am not sure and concerned now.

The entire drive I am worried that we’re gonna get stranded on the side of the room.

The mood is lightened when I tell my mother I kept thinking it was others people cars. That made for a great laugh😳.

We make it home safe and sound no issues with the car just the aggravating,annoying, and loud noise.


The next day I take it to the dealership see my service advisor who is out to lunch.

I tell the other gentleman my dilemma he comes outside and listen to my car screaming for help as a cow taken to be slaughtered .

He says “that is the water pump or alternator”.

“What does that mean” in my damsel in distress voice?

I ask if it is related to the prior issue I brought the car in for he replies no it is just a coincidence these things happen.

We have to charge you a diagnostic fee in order to determine the issue.

I hear the words in slow motion as in the movies and then realize why they do that because it just happened to me so I know it s real. I am calm because I cant get upset at the gentleman helping me. I cant blame myself or the car.

This was suppose to happen to me! There is a lesson in this.

I have to be grateful for every moment in life and accepting like I tell my daughter.

I must be gracious and grateful for this opportunity.

What can I do, but get it done.

I let them know to go ahead and run the test.

About an hour or so later my Service Advisor is back from Lunch and leads me to the car to show me the issue.

Water Pump died luckily I brought it in and they can repair it before it caused catastrophic damage on the engine.


My car is suffering she has been nothing but good to me. They diagnose the car and sure enough it was the water pump. The cost to replace water pump $600 plus tax. Let me tell you I did not feel stressed at all. I felt good because I had the money to pay for it and the money to replace the money I used.

The reason it did not upset or stress me is because I mentally prepared my self when I put that money away to spend it. That money was designated for that purpose and I spent it on car maintenance.

I had the money because I started a maintenance fund as suggested by the book written by Dave Ramsey The Total Money Make Over .


The fact I had a Emergency Fund meant to be used mentally prepared for this emergency. This is a great read even if your financially savvy. You don’t have to be broke and in debt to learn from this book. This book has allowed me to take the skills I have an enhance them. I have been able to enhance the system I use and profit from it.

I definitely recommend you to read this book and have a Total Money Make Over.

This week I have been “broke down but not broken, or broke”.

Grateful for the life  lesson. Blessed.


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Once you Budget you will never go back!

Dare to be different today than you were yesterday.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Choose to be a profitable today and always.

Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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