Makeup Junky

Are you a Makeup Junkie?


Do you have or might have a purse, makeup bag, drawer at home, drawer at work, gym bag full of makeup?

Do you have a hard time walking into any store and not browsing the makeup isle?

Are you excited when you run out of milk and have to go to Drug store?

Are you excited to go to the drug store so you can see awesome makeup you saw your favorite YouTube Guru tried on?

Do you circle new makeup you want to try on from magazines?

Do you follow Makeup Artist on Instagram ?

Do you go to Target and walk up and down the makeup isle?

Do you go to the mall and have to go into Sephora even if you just shopped Sephora Online?

Do you have the Sephora App on your phone.

Do you browse the Neiman Marcus website for new product alerts.

Do you not discriminate and browse the Dollar Store isle in search of Fabulous Finds?

If you have said “yes” to a lot of these you are a “Makeup Junkie”.


I don’t judge! I am just bring awareness to a trend most fall victim too even the most financially savvy . I am a recovering “Makeup Junkie”. My opinion is if you are not a Makeup Artist you don’t need that much makeup. The reason you don’t need that much makeup in your house is that it is going bad from the moment you buy it. The reason I say this if you do the Math on the products you buy they start to expire once you bring them home.You are throwing your money away!Don’t throw your money away buying multiples of things! Use it up and when your done rebuy one at a time.I am not saying “don’t buy makeup” what I am saying is “buy the makeup your going to use”. If you buy a lipstick and wear it everyday it can last you months. Learn to appreciate your things love the things you have, remember why you bought it and had to have it.

Things I would like you to consider:

You are one person.

24 Hours in a day.

You should not sleep with makeup on!

You should at least get 8 hours of sleep(wishful thinking).

Mascara dries up, clumps, and dries out  in less than two months (not cool).

Lipstick expires .

Blush expires.

Eye shadow expires.

Foundation expires.

Liquid liner dries up and expires.

Concealer expires.

Check out this Web Page I got my info if you want exact dates Makeup Life.

I am a  “makeup Junkie” !

I am a  “makeup Junkie” !

I am a  “makeup Junkie” !

Judge me if you want to I am at peace with this.

#sorrynotsorry #dontjudge #makeupjunkie#inrecover#notindenial

Until I started to take my own advice I was not seeing results. I can help others get their lives together mean while not taking my own advice. This is CRAY-ZZZZ I said to myself!  This is the truth once your honest with yourself the break through begins. I have accepted that I shop too much and purchase things I don’t need. I have one set of lips and enough lipstick and lip gloss to last me till 2020. I know better now and I am going to do better. I challenge you take a look inside your life and see if you have fallen prey to consumerism.

These are a few examples of the standard that they want us to believe is normal and cool.

These pictures are not of my makeup collection I found these on Google and are example of Makeup collection goals being placed online. If you are a” Make up Artist”  that makes a living off your craft continue to beautify women everywhere. =)

makeup 2makeupmakeup5makeup5

Everything expires, keep your money in the bank.  Pay off debt, take a vacation, or  invest in your future!

Don’t clutter your life and throw your money away.

If this is you, your are not alone.  This is me and I want more. Do you want more? You can be different I believe in you! If I can do it so can you!

It is never to late to learn. Use it or lose it” stop buying and start using your makeup.

The madness needs to stop.

Tip of the day: Make up has a shelf life use it or throw it out.

The reason we buy things is because we think they are going to bring us joy. Appreciate, Love, and Use your things you have bought “SHOP YOUR CLOSET!  You spent the money use it!

Change your mind set ” don’t be a conqueror be a lover”. Remember to how it felt when you first laid on eyes on it and had to have it. Remember on how it felt to buy it and bring it home. Love your  things you have you work hard for it!

i accept

Any specific questions let us know we are on the blog click below ask questions, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Once you Budget you will never go back!

Dare to be different today than you were yesterday.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Choose to be a profitable today and always.

Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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