Bacardi Rum Cake Pops

                                                                                        Happy Holidays!

How about some Rum Cake Pops?

What a perfect pairing this holiday season for those who enjoy taking in the Spirits.
Bacardi Rum Cake Pops


Rum Cake pops are divine this time of year.

This is a great way to serve dessert this year!
——————–Spruce it up———————-
Think outside the box this year add Cake pops to your Menu.

These Cake pops are delicious, moist, and fragrant a party in your mouth.

Make them simple or fancy the possibilities are endless.

I love the fact you can shape them, bling them, stick them, or stand them.

Who knew? Impress your guest with these amazing drunken treats.


Rum Cake Pops is what is on the menu this holiday season.


I have a delicious recipe I use from

You follow the standard Cake popping process crumble the cake and add frosting.

I use Vanilla Frosting infused with Liquor.

Shape them in these awesome Jewel shapes from

Stay warm, stay safe, and “keep it cake popping”

Let me know if they were a hit?


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