Baby Step One

Fear cannot control me any longer! 



As people we are afraid to start  because we don’t finish. I have a terrible completion rate for those who know me (SMH) hence why I am documenting. I admit it I am scared of this journey I am going on. I am afraid of what I will discover and if I can endure. The true fear is not trying truth be told.

This year I say ” Bye Felicia” and take control and invite you to come with me on my journey.

bye felicia
Keep it Cake Popping


Maybe I can help someone the same way a lot of other My Parents, Financial Gurus, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Bloggers, Writers, Authors, Instructors, Coaches, and You Tubers have helped me. Anything is possible =).If we all do our part helping others image how great our communities can be.Millions of people are inspired, motivated, and moved by the positive messages being added to the Web daily. I am inspired by all those people. “Thank you for sharing ” those who share their lives with us so we can learn and grow. I have the heart of a teacher and want to do my part to stop in helping people get out of debt. Join me on my Journey for 2015 and a journey it will be.  Personal-finance does not have to be difficult, boring, or uncool.

Keep it Cake Popping
Keep it Cake Popping

This year I will chronicle my journey on the other side of the looking glass.
Simple Finances to a better you. A New Year is coming 2015 let this be the year you try!
The only thing I can guarantee you is you will have more money than you started!

Join me on my Journey.
Keep it Cake Popping

I like to take the simple approach to everything in life especially finance.


Feel free to ask questions we can all learn from each other.


“How do you eat a crocodile? One bite at a time” like my mom says.


This is for my friends  that have been asking me to blog for years!  Thank you for inspiring me “Keep it cake popping”. Los Quiero much!



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