52 Week Money Challenge One

Keep it Cake Popping
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I challenge you to join me in the 52- Week Money Challenge $$$$$.

How exciting for the entire year of  2015 we will be saving together.

We will help each other become accountable! Once you accept

you are going to be on your way closer to having  over a thousand dollars for

Christmas time next year!  Talk about a stress free Christmas 2015.

I am all about making money matters  simple and easy. This is a fun way to bring awareness on savings.

Join me for 2015

You can keep in your wallet, on the fridge, on your desk at work, or give to a love one to join you. The more of you that do it in your inner circle the better holiday for all. This is your stress free Holiday Insurance Policy. This simple system will transform the way you celebrate the entire month of December. It will change the way you celebrate the holiday season I promise it will be worth it! One thousand three hundred seventy eight dollars worth it.

I plan on using Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and keepitcakepopping.com to keep me honest.

I want us to post our pictures on the savings transactions. That way we can keep an actual track of our progress.

Let me know if you have any creative ideas I can try and we can share. ♥

52 -Week Money Challenge

Keep It Cake Popping
Keep It Cake Popping

The New Year is a day away! Financial Peace is life changing you can do it!

You just have to decide and commit ←.

Thank you for reading my blog♥ all two of you! Keep it Cake Popping!


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