Happy New Year 2015

keep it cake popping

Day One in the 52-Week Money Challenge

Today I will put  $52.00 in my Jar I am starting backwards. I am starting backwards because I am like most people motivated in the beginning and fade away by the end. The issue is not the amount be it $52 or the $1 dollar. Just do it!

♥Great idea from  blogger  kent heart strings♥

52 week Jar

Take your Jar and fill it. You can use an old piggy bank, envelope, folder, sock, box, wallet or anything you can find to store your → CASH ←. I am using a Mason Jar and I am keeping it in the Pantry. Keep the Jar in View will help me stay motivated.For those of you who do not trust themselves make someone you trust in charge of your Jar.


You can all do it!

You just have to decide.

Keep it Cake Popping
Keep it Cake Popping

The Splurge Jar, The Christmas Jar,  The Bag Jar, The Shoes Jar, The Vacation Jar, The Disney World Jar, and The Jar Possibilities are endless. Don’t let another year pass you by what are you going to use you $1378.00 for?


Thank you for stopping by ” Keep it Cake Popping”


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