52- Week Money Challange Week 1 Day 2

We all have a journey my has brought me to this moment…

Keep it Cake Popping
Keep it Cake Popping

Happy  Friday

♥   TGIF   ♥

I was asked a great question by one of my readers probably my only reader(Thank you) after he read my article.


My reader asked me a series of questions all filled with skepticism and doubt.

I asked him “What do you mean?”

He said:

“What do you mean, what do I mean?”

“How am I suppose to save $30.00 a week?”

“Who can does this?”

“How many people regular people can do this?”

“How can people afford this? ”

“Do you know we are struggling in this country?!!?”

To be honest I was taken back and confused at why he would have these concerns

and he was taken back that I did not have these concerns.

Then I though would other people have the same concerns?

I want people to empower themselves not doubt themselves.

I want EVERYONE who reads my Blog to successfully complete the 52- Week Money Challenge and be Champions!

We all can dot!


This is a 52- Week Money Challenge key word Challenge if it would be easy everyone would be doing it , but there not and

we are. Only the strong survive. Will you? Join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Google +.

Keep it Cake Popping

So to help my reader and anyone else asking themselves the same questions I am going to compile a list on how to

accomplish this goal for 2015


Thank you for reading my blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping ™”


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