Financial Hangover Monday’s

Happy Monday Morning I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Are any of you suffering with a “Financial Hanover”?


Yes a “Financial Hangover” it is when you go out and spend more than you should. Buying and doing things that were not part of your plan or Budget in excess.

A few examples:

♦When you buy those shoes on SALE you didn’t budget for or plan ahead for because the price is to low to say no!  You can not pass up a pair of shoes like those. Those shoes will haunt you! That’s a whole other story!

♦When you go into your favorite store and buy those tops because the price was right; however, you did not budget for them.

♦When you got to Target on Saturday and spend money on “stuff” you really didn’t need and  feel you have to have.

♦The stuff you buy on the weekend  that sits in bag for weeks and you just remembered because your reading this and I reminded you.

♦The money you spent on eating out because you did not feel like cooking and you did not budget for.

♦The fruits and vegetables in you fridge you have to throw out because  they spoiled.

♦Sunday Fun day at the movies with you family you did not budget for.

You get a “Financial Hangover” when you spend in excess of what you planned for.

All of those  purchases that you did not budget or plan for that stay on your mind.

They stay on your mind like a headache or migraine.

Some people can experience headaches, stress, nausea, and sickness.

I am not a doctor!

I am women like most of you.

I have done and I do all of the things I have listed.

I am human.

Like you,your neighbor, your best friend, coworkers, shipmate, sister, cousin, teacher, youtubers, bloggers, or a women you see shopping at the mall. We never met  we may never met,but your like me and I am like you



Most of us do these things and they are normal to us.  We can still shop and enjoy life . We just have to plan and not allow our wants to give us ” Financial Hangovers”.

I promised to post ways you can save for the 52-Week Money Challenge try skipping all those examples I gave you this week and you will be able to save $52.00. Yes I am doing the challenge backwards. From experience I tend to be more motivated in the beginning! Do What Works For You!

52-Week-Money-Challenge reverse

We have  stop, think, and stick to the plan!


The hardest thing to do is to start!  We are brought together by the desire to better ourselves and evolve to financially. Thank you for reading my blog  “Keep it Cake Popping”


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