Baby Step 1 Emergency Fund

Baby Step One

I have researched this topic extensively and the consensus is

drum roll please….


$1000.00 is  the magic number expert say one should have in their “Emergency Fund”.


Having an Emergency Fund is very important and everyone should have on in case of an emergency.

Okay, an Emergency Fund is for an emergency got it.

Experts say we all should have $1000.00 set aside for an emergency in CASH.

Okay so far so good.

That money is for an Emergency!


The  $1000  cannot go to summer vacations, cover extra expenses you over spent on, birthday parties, bags, shoes, makeup, cloths, travel, or anything that is not an emergency!

Wow that is intense when you think about it.

A lot of us do have the $1000 but the money we have saved we have different plans for it.

I do. question

At least my friends and I view this “Emergency Fund” “$1000 ” situation a little differently.


We thought you have $1000 put away if you don’t need it you can spend it on Spring Break, Summer time, Vacations, the Mall you get the point.


We were not correct! Sad! Disappointed! Shocked!

I will admit I felt so ignorant.


I thought we were doing it right  =( we were not doing it right.


No emotional eating!  Focus it is still the first week of January!


I decided to write this blog today to inform everyone reading it.

Talk about “Financial Hanover” time.


The great thing that know my friends and I know and we are rebuilding.


You can build! You must rebuild! Were Americans that what we do!

Credit Cards are not to be used in place of an Emergency Fund!

Debt is Deppressing
Debt is Deppressing

A Emergency Fund needs to be cash money!

The Emergency Fund money for Emergencies!

An Emergency is unemployment, health scare, and any unexpected disaster.

It is your “get out of jail free card” no pun intended.

You hope not to need it and in case you do you have it.

Anything else you plan and save for. That is a whole other Blog.





Great Reads you should check them out.

Stay tuned for ideas.

What a simple concept most of us don’t grasp according to studies many of us do not have Emergency Funds of $1000.

We need to come together and rebuild.

Take control of your money and your life.

You can do it and I am here if you have any questions

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Thank you for reading my blog “Keep It Cake Popping”!


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