52-Week Money Challenge Tips


Today is the last day of the First Week of 2015.

January 7, 2015.

52-Week Money Challenge Week One Payment is due.

Place it in your Jar now do not procrastinate!

52 week Jar

Place it in your Envelope


Just place it some where!

You want some tips for saving a dollar this week and two next week and three the following week?

Keep it Cake Popping
Keep it Cake Popping

Things I did this week to come up with the money for my 52-Week Challenge I am doing it in Reverse or  Bingo.

Yes! Bingo! You go crossing out what ever amount you can do in any order!  If it’s your first time you can do it however you like best. Saving is what you make it. Only you know what works best for you I am just here to assist in the process.

Bingo Cards

Bingo! Very Fun and motivating if one week I can do more I do and if I cant I tackle a smaller amount.

♦     Tips 

1. Look in your wallet. There is probably a dollar in there. Week One Done. Change is money too.

2. Look in the bottom of your purse. Change is money too. A dollar or two or three might be in there.

Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Pennies it is all accepted here.  Week Two and three are probably done now!

3.Look in the car you probably have loose change in there. Week One Done! Week Two Done! 

Week Three done! Change is money too.

4. Look in the Jackets or Coats you had on this week. Surprise!

Week three maybe in there?

5. Clean your “Junk Drawer” I am sure you have money in there you can put in your Jar. The best part of this tip is you get organized!

6. Check your jeans or pants you wore this week. This is usually the where you find a couple dollars. Those Jeans your not going to wear them anymore put them aside to donate. Giving opens doors to new things to come in.

7. Check the couch in your home. You will be surprised how much change is in there. People sit down and change falls out of their pockets. Change is money too.

8. Look in your old  “Piggy Bank” you forgot about give it new purpose every penny counts.

9. Look down ↓ go through all the rooms in your house especially the laundry room and look for the spare change that has fallen.

10. Check your bags you used last week or last season. I assure you if your anything like me you will hit the mother load and be able to fund Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week Four and possibly week Five today by doing these few steps.


Let me know if these simple tips were helpful. They helped me fund my Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 and Week 4 the traditional way.

$1.00  Week One

$2.00 Week Two

$3.00 Week Three

$4.00 Week Four

$5.00 Week Five


Takes care of 5 Weeks into my Jar. Do it while your motivated it is easy to get distracted.

52-Week Money Challenge changing the way you Celebrate Christmas 2015!!!

Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

Make 2015 your year!

Thank you for reading my blog “Keep It Cake Popping”!


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