Shop Your Closet


Happy Hump day Everyone!

The week is almost done Week 2

$2.00 or $51.00 if your doing it in Reverse.

I like to do it in Reverse because the motivation tends to fade as the year goes on. =(

This year we are not going to have that problem! You can do this!

We have each other to keep us focused in 2015.

If you have forgotten go get your money and place it in the jar.

Keep It Cake Popping

♥                        You will have ALMOST $1400 by Christmas                             ♥


Wednesday Tip

The number one tip to save for the 52- Week Money Challenge is to shop your closet.

Shop your closet is the key to wining this challenge!

People I know the Mall has a lot of Sales going on right now, but if your like the me you have plenty.

Shop your closet 2015.

I am sure you  spent thousands of dollars  shopping last year. Yes you reading this. Check your transactions add them up.

I am sure you Readers do not need to go to the stores and buy any new items right now.

Christmas was just here you got plenty!

52-Week-Money-Challenge reverse

If you go to the mall and spend $100.00 on Sale Items this week think of me.

Know that I know you could not live without because the price was so awesome and the Sale was so good.

Know that I know you had to have it “because who knows when you will see that again at such a great price”.

Know that I know that  50% and 75% off only comes this time of the year.

You know why I know that because like you I been there done that got the t-shirt.

Know that there is nothing at the mall that is going to help you reach your goal of saving and/or possibly getting out of debt.

Ask yourself this question next time you want to buy something.

What price do you give having an extra $1378.00 in time for Christmas2015? 

Keep It Cake Popping

Thank you for Reading my Blog “Keep It Cake Popping”!


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