52- Week Money Challenge

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is the third Saturday of the year by now statistically most people have given up on their New Years resolution , but not you! You are going fulfill your New Year’s resolution this year. That’s what this Blog!

Finder.com.au study showed 76% of people researched found that sharing their goals on social media or on the web help them reach their goal. The odds are stacked against us , but we will be the exception to the rule

You and I are going to complete the 52-week money challenge and more. This year is the year we change. The year we commit to changing our failed financial plans. A year of success and fundamental financial changes. This year we are on a journey to financial saving success by little changes.
By making these small changes we yield higher returns. Stay alert and conscious of your financial choices this weekend.

I look forward to shopping my closet this weekend and I hope you do too.

Taking control now will make life easier later.
Imagine how awesome Christmas 2015 is going to be!

Recognize that you have the power to change and change. The choice is yours. Live stressed and overwhelmed by money or take control of your money.

Break the cycle!


Enjoy a picnic in the park with your family or significant others. You work hard through out the week.
You need to take a moment out of your weekend and enjoy life. Enjoy the simple things in life that cost you nothing and are invaluable.

Thank you for reading my blog ” Keep IT Cake Popping”



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