The Purge

Shop your closet 2015 is in full effect at Central. It is very easy to write about shop your closet and it’s something totally different to live what you write about. I too feel the desire and need to be at the mall but I’m not going to go to the mall. I am going to shop my closet and continue forward on my 52 -Week Money Challenge. Dare to be different, dare to change, and dare to be a better you.

I have gone through my closet this weekend and I am overwhelmed. Like most of you I have tags on my clothes and discovered unworn shoes, and endless accessories. The Purge is on! This is a perfect time to get ride of the stuff you don’t need. New Year is Your year to get motivated and you need to maximize on that! I am! 52- Week Money Challenge is on! You can do it ! Save it! Live it!

The clothes and shoes you no longer wear pull them out and get it out of your house. Donate to your charity of choice, have a yard sale, sell online, or give it away!

Purging is therapeutic so I been told. I found it painful. Excruciatingly painful to realize how much money I have spent on things that I don’t use. Not a couple of things but hundreds of things. The past is behind all we can do is move forward and grow. I forgive myself! Forgive yourself ! What’s your count?

Thank you for reading my blog “Keep It Cakepopping”




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