Life gets in the way

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read what I write in advance.


You plan and write in your planner.

You download new apps on your phone.

You wake up motivated everyday for a couple days maybe weeks then Life gets in the way!

That’s it!

Life always gets in the way it is LIFE!

How simple is that.

Life is Life!

Why has it taken me so many years to figure that out?

Why has it taken you so long to figure that out?

Why are we so overwhelmed and act brand new when life happens?

Why do we continue to let it get in our way and not allow us to move forward?

I will not let Life gets in the way today and neither should you!

I choose to tell life..

“Excuse me”

“Pardon me”

“Mi scusi”


In the happiest most polite way I can.

You must smile while you say it!

Do you know why ?

Because if we choose to have a gracious and positive attitude it attracts graciousness and positivity.

And because we are talking about Finance here is a little Math example:

Positive + Positve = Positive

Positive x Positive = Positive

Positive \ Positive = Positive

For those of you thinking “a negative times a negative is a positive” that is a true.

This example is good to gage your attitude and thought process.

This simple example shows you your focused on negative thought process .

I would suggest you work on your positive out look! =)

->Trust me it works!

I mean this in the most sincerest form “no judgment”t!

I know this because I was the first to say ” a negative times a negative is a positive”!

Try to  eliminate negativity from your  thoughts.

Every time you think a negative thought replace it with a positive thought this will help you get ride of the negative programing that surrounds us.

We live our lives everyday and let life get in our ways of simple goals.

Don’t let life get you down.

Live, prosper, grow and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You have the advantage you have the answer book.

You have seen all the scenarios.

You know!

You know what’s going to happen every time.


“Excuse me”

“Pardon me”

“Mi scusi”


I did not want to track and take a picture of my spending for a challenge online for Instagram give away or write a blog today.

Why because life was happening and I choose to say

“Excuse me”

“Pardon me”

“Mi scusi”


We can only change ourselves  !

When life happens and gets in your way don’t forget to be gracious and polite.

Dare to be different today than you were yesterday.

You have nothing to loose and all to gain the choice is yours.

Choose to be a profitable today and always.

Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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