Budgeting 2

Budgeting Series Part Two


You Finished your Homework!!!

You figured out what comes into your account every month in terms of household income and you figured out how much you spend monthly.

You also figured out where you landed in terms of over or under what you make.

In some cases you are breaking even.

The goal is to live on less than you make.

More than likely you are spending more than what you make.

This exercise is not to judge or point fingers it is so you get a CLEAR picture of where you are in terms of your money.

Do not beat yourself up or think less of yourself if you are not living on what  you make!

“You don’t know what  you don’t know.”

Most of us were not taught how to live on less.

We don’t know any better  because budgeting was not used in our households growing up.

They definitely don’t show you about money in high school.

In Colleges and University Finance education is limited to big business.

The reality  is  most of us   spend more than we make; however, this is going to change today!

Today I tell you there are millions of people living on less than what they make and doing amazing this with their money!

People like you and I have chosen to budget and turned their life around in matter of months!

This can be you!

You can learn to budget and live on less than what you make.

You can get ride of your credit cards, loans, student loans, and automobile loans!

I say to you today choose to make a budget and live on less than what you make it will change your life for the better.

This is the key to staying out of debt and striving financially!

The choice is yours.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and this blog if you need help or have any question!


I am all about simplicity!

Don’t get overwhelmed you can do this one step at a time.

You know how you know your moving in the right directions?

Your seeking out knowledge! Your reading and researching the answers.

Don’t get discouraged one step at a time!

This is a great budgeting tool to help you get started  you can Print it at the end.


You can build your budget there add and remove fields as necessary.

All I ask is for you to be honest with yourself and ” DO NOT LEAVE ANY EXPENSES OUT!”

You need to see what you really spend!

A success budget is a balanced budget.

I suggest you live on less than you make!

Even if it’s one dollar your wining!!!!!!!!!

Every dollar you spend over what you make you are borrowing and going into debt.

You are digging a whole your pretty little shoes are going to get dirty climbing out of that whole. Bypass digging a whole and plant seeds that will grow and prosper.

That restaurant, movie, handbag, outfit, vacation, lipstick, sale item, candle, bike, party, dress, shoes, jacket, car or motorcycle are not worth going into debt for. You probably have food in your fridge, plenty in your closet, already went on vacation and have a transportation that gets you where you need to go!  Choose to live on less than you make now so later it takes less to live with more!

Go build your budget!

Go build your budget!

Go build your budget!

Go build your budget!

Stay tuned to our Budgeting series.


Once you Budget you will never go back!

Dare to be different today than you were yesterday.

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Choose to be a profitable today and always.

Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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