Gourmet Cookie Dough Therapy

Today you have the ability to change, improve, and bake something delicious.

Skip the mall and online shopping. Do something different and unexpected for someone.Invest in your heart and soul and bless someone.

Bake something delicious today!

Take it to work, school, church, or a neighbor.

Who doesn’t love sweets and someone to think of them?

Live your life with joy! Today my journey is clear ” life is about experiences and not things”!


Who knew chocolate, nuts, Madagascar vanilla, and cocoa could be therapeutic.

We all have the power to heel ourselves and empower ourselves find your strength.

Who knew mine was in the kitchen? Random.

The things you discover about yourself blogging.


I am motivated today!

I am baking these gourmet Chocolate Brownie Cookies we bought from a Fundraiser!


Any specific questions let us know we are on the blog click below ask questions, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Once you Budget you will never go back!


These are amazing!!!!!

Keep It Cake Popping
Keep It Cake Popping

Let me know what your baking this Spring!


Dare to be different today than you were yesterday.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Choose to be a profitable today and always.

Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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