Save thousands of dollars on Spring Break

Do you want to know how I saved  thousands of dollars this year on Spring Break and still had an awesome time?


Do you want to  stay on budget and meet or exceed your financial goals and enjoy your time off?


You can all do this by … One word Staycation !

When you stay at home instead of going on a cruise, travel out of town, or abroad it is considered a staycation.

Depending on your vacation budget you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars with a staycation.

Saving is Simple they way you handle it is complicated.

You either go out of town with your family or stay in town on a staycation.

You have to prioritize and reflect.

You can either do it or not.

You can choose to make financially sound decisions or emotional financial decision.

I can tell you this staycation has been liberating for me and I am proud of my decisions.

Granted it was not in the plans to stay home but everything works out the way it should.

I am starting to see progress in my mindset.

Focus on your Budget and living within your means.

With all honesty I can say ” I am a better person today than I was last week thanks to the staycation!”




Miami  Youth Fair







Miami Beach 2015/03/img_1165.jpg

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Once you Budget you will never go back!

Dare to be different today than you were yesterday.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Choose to be a profitable today and always.

Thank you for viewing my Blog and “Keep IT Cake Popping”


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